A strong commitment to
continual advancement

We lead the industry by applying technology
with expert skill

If it doesn’t exist, we create it

We are led by the needs of the industry. When a challenge calls for a solution that doesn’t yet exist, we develop it ourselves. Each innovation is the result of years of continuous research, design and engineering. We leverage the latest technology, day in and day out.

Fast and accurate construction

Our designs are unique and proprietary. We use a high-speed, high-volume injection mold system to control pressure to form parts and containers. In-mold labeling (IML) technology is a seamless application in the process for both our round and square gallon containers.

Lids designed for optimal user benefit

Lids with KW’s triple-lock seal also offer a skin-resistant surface and other features including IML labels and the Dow Award-winning TwistCap and Pour Spout.

Inline technology provides added assurance

Throughout our production processes, quality control is crucial to our success, and yours. Every container is tested for leaks before being packaged. Every part of every product is inspected before being delivered to our customer.