Round Benefits

TruSnap™ Round: a cleaner, simpler solution

TruSnap™ Round won’t dent, leak or rust and protects what’s inside. It’s easy to open yet shuts tightly every time. And when it’s snapped closed, it won’t spill, even when dropped.

The freshness stays locked in

TruSnap™ Round has a triple-lock seal to guard against leaking or spilling. The same lid that snaps into place to form that seal also has an underside that’s specially treated to prevent skinning of the paint or coating.

labeling in process

Pours easier

To provide simple access for tinting and pouring, we created the TwistCap, which won a Dow Silver Award for packaging. To seamlessly complement that design, there’s the optional, attachable Pour Spout, which makes use easier and cleaner.

recyclable resin

Labeling in Process

Nothing looks as professional as a container with a label integrated into the package. KW Container offers in-mold labeling (IML) as an option for all size lids. This keeps your product’s brand from tearing away over time.

High-performance and comfortable

KW perfected an ergonomic handle that not only fits most hands comfortably, it also won’t dig into fingers when carrying paint and coatings. It’s extremely strong, too, made from the same durable, recycled and recyclable resin that makes up the rest of the container.

High-performance and comfortable
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