We’ve made our own history

The KW family of companies has always been
dedicated to doing things right.

From batteries to Bakersfield and beyond

In 1981, KW Plastics was built in Troy, Alabama to recycle PP battery casings for Wiley Sanders Truck Lines as a sister company. KW Plastics took the scrap plastic and repurposed it into a unique, strong, reliable resin. KW expanded to Bakersfield, CA in 1986, and KW Plastics Recycling Division opened in 1992 to recycle post-consumer HDPE.

From batteries to Bakersfield and beyond

Making the most of this development

The paint-and-coatings industry needed a better solution for containers. The basic metal can used for the almost a century meant rust, damage, and air leakage that compromised what was inside. With the materials, the means, the know-how, and the passion to create it, it was time for something new.

In 1998, we created KW Container. We began producing a plastic/metal hybrid paint container before expanding the product line to include all-plastic, injection-molded containers made from recycled and recyclable resin.

paint-and-coatings industry

The snap heard ’round the world

Today, we’re the world’s largest supplier of all-plastic containers, including products such as our revolutionary TruSnap™ container. Now our lineup includes the TruSnap Square, the Dow Silver Award-winning TwistCap, and our popular Pour Spout.

Just check the shelves of your local home improvement store and you’ll likely see a KW Container in use by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Dow Silver Award-winning TwistCap