Revolutionized. Perfected.

TruSnap™ Round is giving the 100+ year old metal body paint can new life.

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easier pouring, pour spout
TruSnap™ solutions

TruSnap™ solutions
in any size

For those who need round liter, quart and pint containers, we have you covered.

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TruSnap™ solutions TruSnap™ solutions

More room inside and four sides to promote your product

KW Container has changed the shape of the industry with its TruSnap™ Square container, which allows more room for brushes and rollers.

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metal body paint ca
Twist Cap

We capped off one innovation with another

The revolutionary TwistCap for TruSnap won the Dow Silver Award for innovation. See how it makes paint and coatings more accessible than ever before.

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easier pouring

Cleaner, easier pouring

The attachable Pour Spout is the perfect complement to KW Container’s TwistCap lid. Less mess, more control when pouring.

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