After years of R&D it
comes down to design

Every product is created with purpose and
engineered for excellence.

New design solves an age‑old problem

The traditional metal paint can had not been changed in more than 100 years. Research showed that the paint and coatings industry was plagued by the metal body container’s failure, primarily in denting, leaking, and rust contamination. Our revolutionary, new design leveraged proprietary recycled resin from sister company, KW Plastics.

TruSnap™ triple-locking seal gives new peace of mind

It took extensive testing, but our designers and engineers perfected a new seal for paint-and-coating containers. The unique triple-lock seal, and the sound made when it shuts airtight, led to the name “TruSnap™”. Contents are kept from leaking when the container is closed, while a treated lid prevents skinning.

Getting a better handle on containers

You don’t have to forego comfort. Another design flaw of the traditional metal paint can: the metal bail wire. Not only does the new TruSnap™ ergonomic handle fit comfortably in most any size hand, but it is made from the same durable resin as the body of the container, more than strong enough to carry the weight of paint or coatings inside.

Winning the Dow Silver Award

Our designers are just getting started. Going far beyond the capabilities of the traditional paint can, the new TwistCap lid for TruSnap™ opened up new possibilities for filling, tinting and pouring. The result garnered a Dow Silver Award for its innovative design in packaging.

TwistCap lid for TruSnap

The design team pours it on

One good design turn deserved another. What could make the award-winning TwistCap even better? The answer was an easily attachable Pour Spout that could be paired with the opened TwistCap, something that would delight consumers as well as those in the paint-and-coatings industry.