Square Benefits

TruSnap™ Square: direct pour from the corner

TruSnap™ Square allows users to remove the lid and pour directly without dripping from one its four corners. It also offers the option of the TwistCap lid for easy tinting and pouring. When paired with the attachable Pour Spout, there’s even less mess.

direct pour from the corner

Designed for more usability

Another design advantage of the TruSnap™ Square is its larger opening. A large brush or roller easily fits inside. The inner roller ridges help remove excess paint while painting.

TruSnap Square

Shake it up in less time

Tinting and shaking paint takes much less time with TruSnap™ Square. Help customers avoid the wait and get painting faster.

Increase your marketing canvas

Four separate sides allow for more space to promote the benefits of your product and showcase your brand. It gives your name and logo more visibility on the store shelves.

High-performance and comfortable

KW perfected an ergonomic handle that not only fits most hands comfortably, it also won’t dig into fingers when carrying paint and coatings. It’s extremely strong, too, made from the same durable, recycled and recyclable resin that makes up the rest of the container.

Space-savers equals cost savers

TruSnap™ Square was designed for convenient packing and shipping. This means fewer shipments and improved efficiency.

pour spout, less mess
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