Because what's
Inside matters most

Each KW Container product Is made to
protect your paint and coatings.

Tight control of the resin

Being part of a vertically integrated manufacturing solution means that KW can control all the materials that make all our products. We recycle plastic into our proprietary resin. We know its composition to the smallest particle. That way, there are no surprises later on. We – and you – can rely on solid, strong containers that earn the TruSnap™ label.

Recycled resin, recycled plastic, TruSnap

A product is tested until it ships

From material sorting through injection molding to palletizing, we don’t stop testing our product to see if it deserves to ship. Even at the end of the line, if it doesn’t meet our high standards for quality, it doesn’t leave our facilities. Instead, it gets recycled to start over again.

Only the best IMLs meet our standards

An in-mold label is truly an integral part of a TruSnap™ container, embedded in the plastic itself during injection molding. For that reason, it has to look perfect. We have automated vision systems that can spot when alignment is the least bit off. Only those IMLs that are centered and perfectly level meet the cut, so that their containers can meet the customer.

Shaken, rattled and rolled

Our TruSnap™ products must run the gauntlet of abuse to see how well they’ll hold up. Repeatedly opened and closed, shaken, dropped, slammed and otherwise pummeled. No air or liquid is allowed to leak, or the container is a no-go. Only those that can take it are deemed worthy to get packaged and shipped.

IMLs, no leak paint containers